Water World – NFT by Jacek Yerka

The Jacek Yerka NFT token „Water World” has been minted in March 2022. The graphic file was based on real acrylic on canvas painting „Water world” (in Polish: „Wodny świat”), created in 2002. Both item was put on hammer auction on March 20th by Agra-Art Auction House, Warsaw, Poland.

The Water World NFT was first of The Agra-Art Classic Collection – series of tokens minted by renown artists who were invited and supported by Agra-Art Auction House in NFT world onboarding. Tokens are offered on auctions either with corresponding physical works or as digital objects. All are minted upon personalized smart contracts with additional functionalities.

The details of the token:

  • Artist: Jacek Yerka (see: www.yerkaland.com, FB: Yerkaland)
  • blockchain network: Ethereum
  • standard: ERC -721
  • Token minted to Artist address: 0xc1521797ff438d3e801afd4c4672e6d5c80305b6
  • Smart contract address: 0x0b8685945b4357749D9762a961f86Aa1B452865B
  • Token ID : 1
  • Link to Token: https://opensea.io/assets/0x0b8685945b4357749d9762a961f86aa1b452865b/1
  • Options/functionalities: one time choice of available giclee of Jacek Yerka from online shop nova.agraart.pl. Valid for one year since date of minting.
  • Graphic file: animation with sound, mp4 format.
  • OpenSea Jacek Yerka profile : https://opensea.io/JacekYerka