The Agra-Art NFT Classic Collection EN

Agra-Art keeps up with recent trends and closely observe the changes that occur currently on the art market. At the end of 2021 we have witnessed three cases of sale of NFT through real life (hammer) auctions. On of these auctions, organised by, was backed up by Warsaw Stock Exchange, resulting in announcement of cooperation.

We started to learn, examine and observe the NFT world. Along with our partners, we recorded a series of podcasts (in Polish) that are aimed to encourage collectors and artist to try the token universum. We are well aware, that NFT may give impression of complicated, costly system, stigmatised with crypto dark side. In our podcasts and videos we try to give the NFT positive appearance, showing that it is not so difficult or obscure.

Agra-Art helps artists in starting and taste the NFT. First by education – where we show that this universe can be a chance in the future. We make first sales, showing, that NFT is not only blockbuster financial records, but a regular market, with, perhaps different rules.

We wish to introduce artists to the new universe. For 2022, we have several projects involving presence and works of well known people of art in Poland. Some of them will be connected to real world works, some purely digital. Some will be unique pieces, some with extra options available for token’s owner only. Plans are wide like open sea :).

Using our tailor-made smart-contract, we respect one iron rule – the tokens are owned by artists themselves. They are taking part in the whole process and are present at every stage. We care a lot that collectors buying our NFTs knew without doubt who stands behind them.

The Agra-Art Classic Collection is not a set of NFTs. It is rather a group of artists we wish to encourage, introduce and support in their virtual adventure.